Wednesday, 6 August 2014

teddy bear picnic twin beds

Here is the finished teddy bears picnic twin bed set for the twins that live in the Willow.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Rainy Summer Weather

So here in Northern Ontario we are having some really rainy weather so I decided since the weather was not outdoor weather I thought I would break out the mini supplies and play around. First I made a bunch of colourful wind chimes, and then I played around with some printables and made a cute dessert set out of glossy photo paper. I printed some small dollhouse wallpaper on the sheet and punched out the plates with a flower punch and traced my jug pattern to make the jug.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Time for minis

I have been working like crazy trying to get some of these mini projects done. The big Teddy bear's picnic rug is finished and is very cute. The other day I was up at Habitat for Humanity store and I found the Christmas lights I having been looking for. They are LED lights that look like miniature bottles. I bought a bunch of packages of replacement bulbs, they come 6 in a package. So I bought a bunch of clear ones and multi coloured ones. Joanne Swanson has a tutorial for turning these plastic covers into alcohol bottles and wine glasses.

So I had to try them out, they are so cute.

This carpet will go on the playroom side of the third floor, I am now working on the smaller carpet for the bedroom side, it will look like the small picture in the corner above the large rug.

And lastly Ethan's garage finally arrived. It is really cute. All he has to is prime and paint it. He is one happy boy.

the doors open and close.


Monday, 30 June 2014

let the minis begin

Now that my crazy scouting year is over for the summer I can get back to my minis and having fun. So lets begin. First on the project list is to do some much needed renovations to the big willow. I decided I wanted to change the look of the twins rooms and make it one combined room, with one theme tat works for Kevin and Olivia. So I choose Teddy Bears with blue as the accent colour. So I tore up the yucky carpet and put down a wood floor using skinny sticks. repainted the window frames and painted the end wall, and center wall blue. I added teddy bear wallpaper to the back wall. I am planning on making the larger side of the room into a playroom, with a tv so they can play video games or watch movies and also add a desk for them to be able to do their homework on. the other side will have their beds and dresser in it. I am also cross stitching carpets for both sides of the room, the bedroom part will have a smaller teddy bear rug while the larger side will have a teddy bears picnic rug, this second rug is the one I am currently working on.

The pattern I got off of Pinterest, the little pattern for the smaller carpet will be the one I use for the bedroom side of the room, There is also a pattern for a throw pillow, I will make some of them too.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Nursery carpet

I finished the nursery rug I was cross stitching. While on Pinterest the other day I came across a set of miniature printables that I completely fell in love with. The are from Japan, the labels are in english but the tutorials for putting them together are in Japanese, but they provide lots of pictures. I think they are designed for miniature shops and school houses. I printed some for my sweet shop and started making them. They have all kinds of them.from sweets to sewing items to food items to bath supplies to school house items.

Here is baby Emma sitting on her new carpet.

These are rolls of cookies, they will be great additions to my sweet shop.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

a new baby

There is a new baby in my miniland. My wonderful friend Phyllis gave me a tiny baby she had made out of polymer clay. She had planned on using the baby for her house, but it was too big, so she gave it to me to keep for my dolls since they are larger than hers are. Originally she had named the baby Jethro, but since my nursery is all pink. Jethro does not seem to fit this tiny baby. So her new name is Annabelle, and she looks so adorable cuddled in Jennifer's arms.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

little projects

The little projects I started the other day I finished with the exception of the nursery rug, which I am still working on.

Here is baby Emma playing in her new sandbox I made out of toothpicks and poster board. The sand pail I got in a package at Micheals in there mini section. The shovel is made from paper and a piece of wire glued to it.

The caterpillar is together, and yes it rolls.

the little jubilee cakes have been iced and the jam added to the centers of them.

For the time being all I have is time for little projects. Scouts have me so busy for the next month. So for now these minis are perfect for that. So back to my binder to see what else I can make.