Monday, 30 June 2014

let the minis begin

Now that my crazy scouting year is over for the summer I can get back to my minis and having fun. So lets begin. First on the project list is to do some much needed renovations to the big willow. I decided I wanted to change the look of the twins rooms and make it one combined room, with one theme tat works for Kevin and Olivia. So I choose Teddy Bears with blue as the accent colour. So I tore up the yucky carpet and put down a wood floor using skinny sticks. repainted the window frames and painted the end wall, and center wall blue. I added teddy bear wallpaper to the back wall. I am planning on making the larger side of the room into a playroom, with a tv so they can play video games or watch movies and also add a desk for them to be able to do their homework on. the other side will have their beds and dresser in it. I am also cross stitching carpets for both sides of the room, the bedroom part will have a smaller teddy bear rug while the larger side will have a teddy bears picnic rug, this second rug is the one I am currently working on.

The pattern I got off of Pinterest, the little pattern for the smaller carpet will be the one I use for the bedroom side of the room, There is also a pattern for a throw pillow, I will make some of them too.