Thursday, 15 August 2013

Swap Day

Today is swap day, a few months ago I signed up for an Autumn Swap through my usually swap group. Well today I got them back. These swaps are a great surprise since you do not know what you are getting. These items are going to fit in nicely with my ongoing projects. this time 9 ladies participated and these are the goodies that myself and the wonderful ladies made. Wwe have such talented people in this group.

The next swaps are due October 1, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

more projects

I have gone as far as I have gone with the toy shop right now until I go to Michaels and pick up some more supplies for the upper room shelves, banister and roof. Awhile ago I bought the supplies to put together a Halloween Display using picture frames as the sides of the box. Last fall I participated in a Halloween swap and I have two more in the works this year. So I decided to start putting it together. I still need to get a couple skeletons and dress them up in some cool scary outfits. I used Halloween scrapbook paper for the walls. I really like how it looks and can't wait to see what other wonderful goodies I will be receiving to be able to use for this Halloween scene.




Monday, 12 August 2013

toy shop outside almost done

Well it was another busy day yesterday and I did manage to get most of the outside finished. sign and clock are up as well as the clown paintings I did awhile ago. Today is door and awning day, I want to make awnings for the two upper windows and make and hang the door , the door will not open. but will have a large window in it for viewing.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

blue toy shop

Well the toy shop had been painted. I sponge painted it as I did not want the toilet paper and white paint getting too wet and ripping off. I like the look I got once it dried. The colour I choose was Tropical Blue. I wanted something bright and cheery, and with the yellow trim it will look great. I also like how the grey bricks on the bottom really look. So while I was waiting for paint to dry I made some mini flowers. I think a mini flower shop is my next shop I will do. It will be one floor and wider than the toy shop, maybe more square shape to it then the rectangle. I will be using the same building technique as it works well and budget friendly. I really enjoy making the paper flowers.

The flowers are Lotus lowers, Tiger lilies, and California Poppies.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

back to the toy shop

Well  the swap group I am in have changed a few things around so I now have more time to work on my projects. So I decided to get back to work on the toy shop. This week I worked on getting the outside done. I wanted to stucco the outside so thanks to Joanne from Joanne's minis and her wonderful tutorials I was able to stucco the outside of the toy shop cheaply. The Stucco is made from toilet paper and white paint. It does not get much easier than that. After the stucco was dry I made some tiny bricks from painted sandpaper. I am planning on painting over the white to add some colour to the outside of the shop.