Monday, 31 October 2011

I'm still here

Sorry it has been awhile, real life is really busy lately. I am still working on minis, my houses are coming along nicely, as some of you know I am working on a secret project that I will reveal after christmas, so that has taken time away from my minis, I have some new photos of some stuff I have completed, I am trying to get some christmas minis started.

 This was a boring looking crib, Emma has a nice cozy place to sleep, the bedding is made from pink checkered flannel, all she needs now is a peter rabbit comforter for the winter.

 this was very plain and boring.
 It now looks like this. The material is black suede with a satan printed material on the inside, all this needs is a basket on the bottom and a bag attached to the handle.
 Bathroom is 97% finished, all it needs is towels and toiletries in the cupboards

 These two pieces I bought at Micheals, I painted them white and added the matching fabric that is in the Kitchen to the doors, Inside the one has pantry items I made from printables and wooden dowels the other one will hold dishes once I find the right ones.
That is all I have for right know. I have a busy day, so may not get to many minis today, will see.