Saturday, 31 December 2011

new years eve

This is the carebear room in my neice's house (the secret project). So now that the holidays are pretty much over I have been able to work on the candy shop which is together, all I need to do is install the windows and some more trim and shingles on the roof. Inside I have completed the stove, sink, fridge component for the apartment. Since the space is so tiny I  took an old sink and stove and took them apart and remodeled the sink unit to house the stove top and fridge underneath. All that needs to be added is the hardare for the stove and faucet for the sink and handle on fridge.

The last two days I have been working on the candy counter. I spend a huge chunk of time looking up candy wrappers online, resizing them and printing them. I found all kinds, life savers, chocolate bars, nerds, fun dip (do you remember that powder sugar stuff) Yep made it mini!

I Even found a printie to make a popcorn machine and the dollarstore had this foam stuff, so I painted it and chalked some yellow on it and made popcorn. I made small popcorn bags with popcorn all ready to sell too.

I am currently cross stitching a simple carpet to go on the cottage apartment floor, and I need to find some fabric for the bed, and make grandma a small table and chair, she is borrowing Michelle's from the Willow house.

sorry about the glare on the popcorn machine, the lighting in this house sucks.

Monday, 26 December 2011

christmas surprise

Well I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. Christmas was wonderful all 4 children had a great Christmas, Santa was very generous to all. The best news we recieved is that my husband's brother and sister in law are having a baby boy in may.

My sister recieved her secret surprise that her mom and I have been working on for the last few months and it looked wonderful and she was in tears when she opened it. I have pictures of the completed dollhouse that her grandfather build when she was a little girl. I can't find the before demo photos. The wallpaper was large out of scale from the 1970's and the carpet was aweful, and we had to demo the closets to fit the new furniture. so without further delay here are the photos.

I will have to tr ome resy to load photos later, wont load for some reason

happy holidays

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

store update

Well the store is coming along fairly easily and quickly. In the mail today I gor the miniatures that I had ordered for the shop. I am still waiting on the counter that will hold the ice cream, it is on back order. Here are the latest photos.

 These pieces are a display cabinet and counter and a tea cart which will hold special holiday items

 the bed is almost done all I need to add is bedding.
These are the doors to  the Store and the willow. I ordered the door knobs and the little brass numbers on the doors.

Well I am done for the evening. back to work on the secret project

good night.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pink, Pink, and more Pink

Well the new store is coming, boy is it pink. In between paint drying I put together the bed that came with the  kit. I found this stencil book that my mom's friend gave me. I wanted to add something to the headboard and footboard, so I came across a small stencil for bluebells. I think it turned out really nice, It adds to the boring shape of the frame.

I will show you a picture of the bed assembled tomorrow,

thanks for dropping by

Saturday, 3 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

I want to welcome all of my new followers to my blog. Sorry it has been awhile but my real life has been beyond crazy. I am still busy working on the secret project as well as making some minis for my housse. The Willow will be decorated for Christmas. Today I was able to finally get the tree decorated and I decorated a wreath for the front door, made a cute nativity scene from a printie I found online. I have two out of the three stockings done and ready to hang from the mantle. All I have left is to decorate the mantle and make presents for the family that lives in the house. Michelle and Luke and their three children Kevin, Olivia and baby Emma.

On a more exciting note, my wonderful hubby bought me a dollhouse kit for an early Christmas gift. It is the Sugarplum dollhouse kit. It is by the same company as the Willow. I have had my eyes on this cute little cottage for a while now. I am going to turn it into a candy and icecream shop. The shop will be called " Nana's Candy and Ice cream Shop" i am dedicating this shop to all the "Nanas" out there. I have wonderful memories of my Nana. So I think this tiny cottage will be a perfect fit. The downstairs will be the candy shop and the upstairs loft will be Nana's apartment.

I have decided to paint the outside Tutti Fruitti Pink with a Lavender door with white trim and candy striped wallpaper for the shop as for Nana's apartment I have not decided on a complete colour scheme, something with blue, because I found blue flowered printable kitchen accessories.

Well back to putting on the second coat of paint.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

more minis

Well besides being very busy lately I have had some free time to make some minis. I am trying to finish the kitchen in the Willow. My colour scheme is red and white with cherry accents. so I made some chairs and I made a quick temporary table until I can buy one. Now all I need is to buy the fridge, stove and sink or fix the stove and sink that I already have. I have to buy a fridge because I used the one I had to make cubbies for the daycare centre..
 The kitchen is really starting to look like a kitchen.
 Sorry for the blurry Jello are really cute. I found the printie online at, they are super cute.

I made this cute cosmetic tray out of beads, stickers and toothpicks all glued on a round mirrored disk.

So that is all for now,
have a good evening.

Monday, 31 October 2011

I'm still here

Sorry it has been awhile, real life is really busy lately. I am still working on minis, my houses are coming along nicely, as some of you know I am working on a secret project that I will reveal after christmas, so that has taken time away from my minis, I have some new photos of some stuff I have completed, I am trying to get some christmas minis started.

 This was a boring looking crib, Emma has a nice cozy place to sleep, the bedding is made from pink checkered flannel, all she needs now is a peter rabbit comforter for the winter.

 this was very plain and boring.
 It now looks like this. The material is black suede with a satan printed material on the inside, all this needs is a basket on the bottom and a bag attached to the handle.
 Bathroom is 97% finished, all it needs is towels and toiletries in the cupboards

 These two pieces I bought at Micheals, I painted them white and added the matching fabric that is in the Kitchen to the doors, Inside the one has pantry items I made from printables and wooden dowels the other one will hold dishes once I find the right ones.
That is all I have for right know. I have a busy day, so may not get to many minis today, will see.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

new minis

 This is a little house I found at value village for 5.00, This is going to be Ethan's house when i am done

Here are some minis I have been busy working on lately
This is little Kevin enjoying his new curious george room.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

sorry about the delay

I am sorry it has been a few days since I have had timeto work on minis and blog about it. I worked on a few little things. I finished the nursery floor. I made the toy shelves for the two kids rooms in the same colour as the rest of their furniture.

I also made some stuff out of my new Fimo supply that I picked up at Michaels. My sister wanted me to post some pictures of the mini food I was making so I took some really nice photos. Some of the food items are  new, and I also made some baby bath items for the nursery.

 Baby vaseline, baby powder, baby shampoo, baby bath wash, baby lotion

back row: chocolate chip cookies, strawberry-blueberry tart, macaroni and cheese, breakfast sandwich (sausage, egg, cheese on an english muffin) front row: perogies with bacon bits and sour cream, tacos, easter bread
 back row: breakfast sandwich, side salad, spaghetti and meatballs, strawberry poptarts, front row: egg and bcon, hotdog, corn dog wth fries and ketchup

back row: spaghetti and meatballs, strawberry poptarts, stuffed mushroom caps with chives front row: corn dog with fries and ketchup, waffles with blueberries, green stuffed pepper

middle row: lollipop, bowl of fresh strawberries, front row: doritoes bag with chips (mini people need chips too), steak with cooked carrots and roasted potatoes all on a leaf of lettuce

middle row: nachos with toppings, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, ravioli, front row: cinnamon toast with breakfast sausages, spicy italian sausages with roasted potatoes

middle row: ravioli, meat kebobs for the BBQ, fruit salad, front row: fish sticks with parsley fries and ketchup, brushetta with diced tomatoes and green peppers.

Most of the insperation came from the facebook game Cafe World, some I got from other tutorials.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

new baby furniture

I made some new baby furniture for the nursery. I made a baby complete with outfits and diaper, changing table and a peter rabbit toy box. I still have to make the changing table pad. I will be away from the computer for a few days while my husband and I take our youngest son to see his eye surgeon in Mississagua. I should be back on Thursday morning. I am taking my felt and some patterns with me so i can make soe minis while i am away. I am also going to go to Michaels to pick up some clay so I can make some more clay food. Here is a picture of the baby and the nursery furniture.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

almost done

The Willow is almost structurally complete, We have the siding up and painted, the roof is on, all that is left is to finish the outside trim and add  the front door and glue on the chimneys. So today I was playing around with some mini furniture. I painted the counch and two arm chairs and made cushions in a yellow fabric to make them look more comfortable. I plan on adding throw cushions in green to ofset the yellow and brown. So the house is starting to look like a home.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturdaypril 30, 2011

Well today is the last day of April, and it is finally starting to warm up a little bit. I  now have two sides of the Willow sided with only the large front to do. In between I have started to work on some of the little pieces of furniture. I went back to the dollarstore and picked up another nursery set because I really liked how the toddler bed turned out. So I painted one pink and the other blue and I mod podged clipart on the ends to match the room decor. The little girls room is done in pinks with butterflies and fairies and the little boys room is all done in zoo animals. I also put together and painted the cradle for the baby, this I painted brown and I found a peter rabbit clip art picture for the foot of the cradle. I also added the handle to the doll pram, all that is left of these four pieces is to add the fabric mattresses  and bedding to them (time to dig out the sewing machine).

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

willow house outside

Today I have been working on more of the exterior trim on the willow today The window trims are done to the point of putting up the shutters, which I have yet to punch out and paint them, all 22 of them. Right now I a trying to get the trim put on over the front door. While paint was drying I found a pattern on line for a little wooden doll pram. So out of the left over wood from the dollhouse (when you do not put in stairs you have some large pieces of wood) so I cut out  the pieces and painted them a leaf green, I did change a few things on the pram, I used black coloured Fimo for the wheels, I just have to add a handle and add some fabric for the mattress.

What a cute pram, When I was a baby my mother had a pram for my sister and I and it was a green silvercross pram all the way from England. Actually I still have my English doll pram, it is a chocolate brown colour, so it is only fitting that my dolls should have a doll pram.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Big Things

Well the new house is up, and wallpapered, interior pretty much finished. The wall that has the built in bookcase/fireplace was such a pain to put in the house. It was such a snug fit it did not even need to be glued into place. So now I am onto painting and installing the windows and window casings. I did not realize how big the house really was.I am really falling in love how this house is turning out. On Saturday while I was picking up a few things at the dollarstore I found little wooden dollhouse furniture kits, the ones that  ou punch out and paint then glue them together. I found the nursery and livingroom sets. So that will be the next project after the house is complete. I really like the little nursery pieces wich include a cradle, highchair, rocking horse and a toddler bed. The livingroom set has a couch, 2 chairs, side table and a coffee table.
The large brown objects on the third floor are the two chimneys that attach onto each of the side. Inside the house there is a fireplace and they are not on the same wall, so there are two chimneys.

I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend, I can not wait until tomorrow, thekids go back to school.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

Well today is Good Friday, I have been very busy, I have pretty much finished the interior of the mini preschool, It kind of worked out perfectly because guess what arrived yesterday. My house!!!! So on to this big project. The house i ordered was the Willow, man this house is large. So I have sanded all of the large pieces and I am waiting for them to dry. Know I have to figure out wallpaper and start printing off the sheets. The kitchen is going to have a cherry pattern wallpaper and the baby nursery is going to have peter rabbit, but that is as far as I have gotten.

Here is some pictures of the mini preschool and my new house in progress.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday April 18, 2011

Well it has been a crazy weekend, Friday we had my son's birthday party he turned 10. Then on saturday i spent all day at the mall for our annual Cub Car races which saw the cub pack from Bar River take home the big trophy. And then yesterday I started working on some of my minis but did not get as far as I wanted so I was able to finish them off this morning.

work I completed this morning was the 4 little dolls for the preschool. I made 2 girls and 2 boys. I think they turned out really well. I also finished off the bean bag chair and made a to shelf for the upstairs playroom. Oh and I made a partial new outfit for the one larger size doll, I was not happpy with the way the skirt she was wearing turned out so I made her a pair of tan coloured pants, she looks much better now. I also made four small cushions for the children to sit on at storytime.

 Here are the two little boy dolls
And here are the two little girl dolls.