Sunday, 31 March 2013

Thursday, 28 March 2013

back to the secret garden

Well now that the Willow roof is complete and the miniatures I ordered for the secret garden arrived I went back to work on it. I filled the potting bench and glued it in to the watering can, added bags of soil into the wheel barrow. I finished the hanging flower basket, put up a bird house complete with little bird. I added a garden arbour with a bench under it, I will be placing some objects on the bench. I added a cute garden knome over by the flower pots. I also made some garden tools out of a pie pan and wooden skewers and bits of wire, they turned out cute. So I am down to finishing the flower bed and veggie garden as well as the vining flowers for the arbour, and add the trim to the base, and put fake water in the bird bath. Here is what it looks like so far, it is a big change from a few blogs ago.


Saturday, 23 March 2013

roof complete

Well I finally have the roof done on the willow. I am very pleased with the final results. Since I was outside I thought you would like to see how much snow we got this winter. According to the weather guys we ended up with almost 200 cm of the white stuff, 199 cm too much if you ask me.

I also put the chimneys on the willow, now all I have left is too fix the front door and make two interior doors and add trim inside.

Ethan was playing with my house with his bunnies

Monday, 18 March 2013

roof almost complete

Well I finally got the roof covered with poster board, now all I need is to get the spray paint and I need a day when it is not going to snow so I can take the willow outside to paint the roof, mother nature keeps snowing with what looks like no end in sight. We already have over 100 centimeters of snow, we don't really need any more, honestly. By the time it finally all melts it will be may, I am not kidding we have too much snow.

Now that march break is over I can get back into minis full time. Last night I had to shorten my son Zachary's pants, he was blessed with my husbands short legs, so I figured since I already had the sewing machine out I would make Olivia a new bed spread for her bed and make some throw pillows for the couch and chair in the willow.

So that is what I got accomplished this weekend, now back to working on swaps.

 see how big this house really is.
 Olivia's butterfly bed
 my new throw pillows, the material is a light yellow background with tiny flowers.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

roofing and new swaps

Remember when I said at the beginning of 2013 I was going to finish some mini projects that needed to be finished. Well I got brave and decided to start tackling the willow's roof. Now if you have seen the Willow it is a large house, so I had a large roof to shingle. I am glad I did not order wooden shingles because I would have been broke, that is some BIG roof to cover. I was doing some reading in blogs and tutorials for roofing on cheap budgets, and I came up with this plan and after 3 days it seems to be working out alright so far. I took poster board and cut it into strips and cut them to look like square shingles and then glued them to the roof with tacky glue (no warping yet) and then once I have the whole roof done I will spray paint the roof with textured black spray paint to help give it an ashphalt look or I hope. I have seen some pictures of this and it looks good, so here's hoping.

Secondly today I received my monthly swap box filled with wonderful treasures made by very talented ladies. This months swaps were Cat Items and Items you would find in a ladies tea room.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

cute mini toys

Well since the kiddies are off for March Break I am hoping to get lots of minis done. Today I was able to get lots done, I had found a website where they should you how to make the larger toys for the children of your dollhouse to play with. I made a wagon, a doll pram and a doll stroller complete with little dolly. Kevin decided he wanted to help me out by showing you all what I made.


Monday, 4 March 2013

more on the secret garden

Well the secret garden is coming along nicely, I have put in the flower bed and the veggie garden bed, now just have to add the plants to them. I glued down the watering can and the flower pots I had done, I made a small round flower pot out of half a squinkie ball. I made and hung the sign for the whole project. I found some printies of stepping stones and glued them to round wooden disks. I am also in the process of ordering some of the minis for the project, the things I cant make. Still have lots more to do, but so far it is looking great.