Wednesday, 9 November 2011

more minis

Well besides being very busy lately I have had some free time to make some minis. I am trying to finish the kitchen in the Willow. My colour scheme is red and white with cherry accents. so I made some chairs and I made a quick temporary table until I can buy one. Now all I need is to buy the fridge, stove and sink or fix the stove and sink that I already have. I have to buy a fridge because I used the one I had to make cubbies for the daycare centre..
 The kitchen is really starting to look like a kitchen.
 Sorry for the blurry Jello are really cute. I found the printie online at, they are super cute.

I made this cute cosmetic tray out of beads, stickers and toothpicks all glued on a round mirrored disk.

So that is all for now,
have a good evening.