Saturday, 28 January 2012

more minis part 2

here are some more minis

minis, minis, and more minis

I have been busy making printable minis lately, I have tons of sheets that I have printed out. So I thought I would start putting some of them together. I will worn you, they can become addicting and since they do not take a lot of time to put together, you can actually accomplish quite a few completed in a short time period. My favourite sites are found on they are great for people who are on a limited budget and have no dollhouse stores available. Speaking of dollhouse stores. I have found a store located in Port Hope, Ontario (outside Toronto) that imports miniatures from England. The shop is called the Dollhouse and Train Emporium. If you have a catalogue from the Dollhouse Emporium this store will order any of their pieces for you. My  wonderful husband ordered a bunch of stuff from them for my birthday. Once I  recieve them I will post pictures.

This photo has to much light, on the shelves are boxes of my favourite chocolates and candies. They are Quality Street, Pot Of Gold, After Eight, Fruit Slices, Cadbury Chocolate Fingers.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Well I am making progress with the daycare centre and the candy shop. The bed in grandma's apartment is done and made. She has a small rug beside her bed and I put together two tables one for beside her bed and a taller one for her to eat off of. I put up some of the posters and toys in the daycare centre. I need to make and buy more toys for this place.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year

Happy New Year to all of you out in blogland.

Today I am working on Nana's chair for her apartment so that she can give Michelle hers back. She wants a white chair to match her existing furniture. I have not decided on a material colour, The carpet i am working on has blue, green and yellow with a bit of navy blue in the pattern, there is alot of blue in the wallpaper so I might go with a yellow or green. I also would like to cross stitch some throw pillows for the bedas well.
Here is the cottage so far. I finally was able to take a decent photo

Until next time