Wednesday, 30 April 2014

a new baby

There is a new baby in my miniland. My wonderful friend Phyllis gave me a tiny baby she had made out of polymer clay. She had planned on using the baby for her house, but it was too big, so she gave it to me to keep for my dolls since they are larger than hers are. Originally she had named the baby Jethro, but since my nursery is all pink. Jethro does not seem to fit this tiny baby. So her new name is Annabelle, and she looks so adorable cuddled in Jennifer's arms.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

little projects

The little projects I started the other day I finished with the exception of the nursery rug, which I am still working on.

Here is baby Emma playing in her new sandbox I made out of toothpicks and poster board. The sand pail I got in a package at Micheals in there mini section. The shovel is made from paper and a piece of wire glued to it.

The caterpillar is together, and yes it rolls.

the little jubilee cakes have been iced and the jam added to the centers of them.

For the time being all I have is time for little projects. Scouts have me so busy for the next month. So for now these minis are perfect for that. So back to my binder to see what else I can make.


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Minis in progress

I don't know about you,but lately I have become nuts over Pinterest. I have found tons of miniature tutorials on how to make all kids of stuff from flowers, to toys, to wonderful mini food. There are some really cute stuff out there. So for days I spent cutting and pasting and printing out some of these wonderful tutorials. I now need a bigger binder.

So I took some pictures of some of the little projects I started, they are not finished, once finished I will post pictures of the finished minis

This is the new rug for the nursery in the Willow, now that the nursery has a hardwood floor, it needs a rug for baby Emma to play on.
The Avocodos are a tutorial from Joanne's Minis, the little yellow circles are wheels for a caterpillar toy for baby Emma.
This is the rest of the caterpillar toy.

These are little cake, they need the "jam" added to the center.

I also have a sand box in the works too, but I forgot to take a picture.

So as you can see I have gone a little nuts over tutorials lately but they are so much fun.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Willow House renvation begins

For a while now I have needed to change the willow a little bit. the felt carpets were starting to stretch and get yucky looking so I decided while I was doing the floors in Grandma's cottage I would redo the Nursery and the children's rooms upstairs to the hardwood floor look. I also needed to make doors for the bathroom ad master bedroom. when I built the house I never got around to adding the baseboard trim to the rooms. So last night I decided to start working. Well I am happy to announce that the Nursery has a new floor and most of trim. the master bedroom has a working door and trim. The bathroom also has a working door.

So It is a start, I will work more today while the kids are still home on Easter break. They go back tomorrow.
I think the floor looks 10x better than before.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

I want to wish everybody a very happy Easter. The Easter bunny arrived here late last night and left a treasure trove of goodies for the 4 children in this house. On to the mini side of things I have been very busy finishing up the swaps that I had signed up for. Well I can tell you this much they are finished. So in between the swaps  I worked on a few minis, some for Easter, others just for fun.

This bunny cake was a video my friend Joanne from Joanne's minis blog did up. I actually made this cake in real life for Ethan's birthday a couple of years ago.

These are two yummy cheese cakes, I wanted to try using the new mod podge dimensional magic to see what would happen to added decorations on top of the cakes. I made an orange cheese cake and a raspberry swirl cheesecake. I like how they came out.

This tiny church is a printable tutorial from Joanne Swanson. She has awesome printies. If you have never checked her out you should, I will warn you her site could become addicting.

So until next time have fun playing ad crafting.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

another update

WOW, two updates in one day. I guess  was busy. So I finished the trim on the front of the shop. Now I need some sort of fancy trim for the top of the shop. I also finished the planter I will be making for a up coming swap for one of my swap groups I am involved in. Now I have to make 6 more. And then I added a German Shepherd to the meta tub I bought a while back at Micheals. He will sit in the grooming part of the shop, I used mod podge dimensional magic for the fake water. I love this new product.

the flowers in the planter are a lavender plant in the middle with marigolds around the edge.

my little friend enjoying his bath.

So that was my Saturday. Now to watch some TV and go to bed.

pet shop update

well I have been slowly working on the pet shop, I decided this week I would work on the outside trim of the shop. I chose black to match the inside trim.

If you look closely you can see I added the third shelf which holds the small animal food and on it.