Wednesday, 29 January 2014

build day 3

Well today I added the rest of the wallpaper and the weird looking back walls of the house. I also installed the bay windows on the living room and kitchen. I know have 1/2 of the house finished. Tomorrow's big job will be the second floor hardwood flooring needs to be installed.

The wallpaper I choose for the second floor is actually a light mauve polka dot scrapbook paper I had in my stash. I really liked the colour and it still ties in with the colour scheme of the other two rooms.
As you can see from the photos that Ethan has decided his critters like the new cottage but I think Grandma might have something to say about that.

day 2 of the coventry cottage build

So like I mentioned yesterday, it is much easier to decorate as you go with this house. Yesterday I installed the wood floors on the main floor. I did this using wooden coffee stir sticks. I stained them using watered down Cinnamon brown paint. I like the look of them. I also started to add the wallpaper on the kitchen and living room walls. The kitchen has this cute blue strip paper with little china plates on it and the living room is a flowered wallpaper. The second floor is also installed so today will be finishing off the wallpaper on the first floor and doing the wooden floor on the second level of the house.

I also dry fitted the bay window, the inside I will paint. I also need to do the porch floor before the porch beams go in.  It will have a stone look to it.

Hopefully I will get lots done today on the build. stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

back to work

With my swap commitments finished and mailed off to their destinations I have decided it is me time. I have a bunch of mini projects that I want to start or want to finish. My husband for my birthday bought me the Greenleaf Coventry Cottage dollhouse kit, which seems to be a popular kit as a few people I know have built it or are currently building. He also bought me a bunch of other stuff too, mainly for the new house. So stay tuned for the exciting build of the new house.

With the toy store done (just need to make a few more toys) but the building itself is finished, I have started to build a pet shop. My most recent issue of Dollhouse miniatures magazine there is some good ideas for pet shops and minis for the pet shop. I am using the same building technique as the toy shop, with the exception that the pet shop will only have one floor. I have decided to name the pet shop Daisy's pet shop in memory of our dear sweet bunny who passed away just before Christmas.

So here is some of the pics of the goodies my hubby bought for me and part one of the Coventry cottage build. I have discovered while reading the instructions I am going to have to decorate as I go, since I am pretty sure once I place that second floor on, it might be nearly impossible to decorate.

So today I start with the hard wood floors which I will be making out of skinny sticks.