Sunday, 28 April 2013


Well here in Northern Ontario it seems that spring is finally on its way. Our truck loads of snow seem to be melting away and the air is warming up. So in honour of this I decided it was about time that I put my outdoor scene together and have some fun with it. Recently I found  a wonderful lady on you tube, she mainly works in Barbie size, but everything she makes can easily be resized. On two of her videos she makes a BBQ and child playground, I just made everything smaller and had to change the top of the playground because my shelf is not tall enough for now. I can easily change that later. Her you tube site is called "my froggy stuff". she has a blog by the same name too.

Everything in the pictures I either made or were swaps, the only thing I bought was the salad bowl.

I hope you enjoy the pics.


Friday, 12 April 2013

toy shop and swaps

Well here is what I have been up too lately. I have the second floor of the toy shop coming along nicely, I ran out of wood so I don't have the front wall done yet. I also made the store counter for the toy shop. Also it is swap day. I received some wonderful swaps from very talented ladies. This months themes I participated in was the Tropical swap and the Market stall swap.
Here are some pics of the swaps and how the toy shop is coming along.

 Market stall swap
 Tropical swap