Thursday, 14 November 2013

dollar store find and surf shop

A few weeks ago I was in my local dollar store and came across some neat beads that were in the shapes of animals that resembled stuffies and dolls, sweets, pairs of shoes. I thought the toy looking ones would work in the toy shop and the little shoes would look cute in a baby room or in a cute shoe box on a shelf.

In my miniature magazine I came across instructions to make a surf or beach shack. So I decided I would make one to place in a beach scene. I am making the little shack as a surf shop that would sell some beach items. Last year I participated in a beach swap so I have a few items already. This little project is a long way from being done but it is a good start.

Where the door way is I made a beaded curtain. the magazine even came with the printable cut outs for the front and side. (light house and sail boats).


  1. Hi Alicia,
    The dollar store beads are a great idea for the toy shop.
    Also the surf shop is coming along very nicely...makes me think of warm weather...LOL

    Have fun creating.

  2. Great finds at the dollar store! The surf shop is looking great--very creative! xo Jennifer