Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back to minis

Well now that all of the kids are back to school, and the renos are done on the house I can get back to minis and back to my blogging. So as many of you know I am in an online miniature swap group and every month we make minis. So the other day I got my september swaps back and theu are amazing as always. This month the group decided to put together a still life vignette. It turned out great, and it was so much fun. I have uploaded the latest  pictures of the swaps. Also I met this wonderful lady online, she makes beautiful miniatures and we decided to do a swap between the two of us. She made me the most beautiful halloween goodies out of clay I have ever seen.

This is the still life swap that the online swap group I am in. We all had to make some of the pieces. I had to make the crate that the veggies are in and the cobs of corn and tomatoes, as well as the pot holders and the garlic and chillies hanging on the door.

These are the beautiful halloween pieces that a friend of mine made for me.

 These are the kitchen counter swaps that I recieved back from my swap group.
 these are the toy swaps that I recieved back from my swap group.

There are some very talented ladies that belong to this group, We have so much fun making these minis every month.

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  1. HI:)

    It's Katie- I tried to email you- I think it might of gone through this time:) Let me know:) I haven't forgotten about you either- I'm just moving slow these days:)

    Love all the swap items:) You do have some very talented ladies in your swap group:)

    Talk to you soon