Saturday, 29 September 2012

Halloween Prep part 1

Well we all know that Halloween is approaching and i thought this year I would have fun with it and throw a mini halloween party for my mini people. It also was helpful that I was able to participate in a halloween swap with my mini friends and my dear friend Diane sent me the most beautiful mini halloween  goodies. Also i recieved a nice surprise, my mother-in-law has purchased for me a one year magazine subscription to Dollhouse Miniatures and they sent me a downloadable mini project and it was to make halloween things for my mini people. So in between my swaps I am working on I am making things to set up for a mini Halloween party. So today I thought I would start with costumes or the dolls. The ghost and the little pumpkin costume came from the downloadable mini project from DH miniatures magazine, Kevin and Olivia are wearing costumes that  I made from scratch, no pattern, they are my creations. Kevin is sporting the Dino suit and Olivia is dressed as a beautiful butterfly. I think that the costumes turned out great. Tomorrow I will tackle making Jack-O-Lanturns, and start setting up a few things to see what I have. My halloween swaps should be back by the time I get back from the dollhouse show in Toronto on the 15th. The show is on the 13th, but that is another blog post.

Here is a picture of my mini dolls sporting their halloween costumes

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