Saturday, 13 October 2012

dollhouse miniature store and show

Well some of you know that this weekend (october 13, 14) was the dollhouse miniature show and sale in Toronto, Ontario. This was my first time going and boy did I have fun. I flew in Thursday evening, leaving a foot of snow behind in the Sault. I am staying with my sister and her husband  and kitty cat. The last time I was in the dollhouse store was several years ago, and I was in a rush, well this time I was able to take my time and really look around. My main reason was I needed some gifts for some fellow swappers for the birthday swap I am signed up for. So I picked up them and a bunch of stuff for me.

I picked up some flower pots ( i cant get them where I live), a bathroom kit to make for Ethan's dollhouse, my red splatterware dishes, I picked up 2 flower kits (I should be able to make patterns from the flower pieces and make a bunch more) I picked up a wash basin I will use this for my halloween display. The store did not have the splatterware pots so I picked up a Chrysnbon cookware kit and I will paint the pots to my liking.

Now on to the show.This was the first time ever attending the Toronto show. It is a smaller show, busy mind you. Lots of very nice people. There was one item in perticular that I was going for. It is the Evelyn and Crabtree bath kits. I had found Martha (the kind lady who sells them) on the internet and fell in love with the kits, so I just had to get one. They were 12.00 a kit (you have to put them together). I purchased the lavendar kit for my bathroom. I also picked up a magazine rack kit ( I want to make a pattern from this so I can make a bunch), i also picked up a cute kitty cat, flower pots( I am big into making flowers right now), a pointsetta flower kit, some mini lace, a Golly Wog doll (my sister and I had them as kids, and I had to get one when I saw it, it was a big  hit with my sister), I also picked up a Chrysnbon clear jug with 4 glasses (have been looking for this item, I am going to make it into a pink lemonade set.

These are the items I bought at the dollhouse store.
 These are the items I bought at the dollhouse show
 This is my sister's Golly Wog doll with my mini one.

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  1. Hi Alicia, Looks like you had a great time shopping, going to the show and especially sharing time with your family. Good going.