Friday, 5 October 2012

I got Brave!!!!!!!!

The other day I got brave. For a while now I have wanted to try making miniature paper flowers. I have watched many tutorials, printed out instructions, followed instructions online many times, but never got up the nerve to try. I am not really sure why I was afraid to make them beaacuse they are not very hard to make. I started with painting a bunch of coffee filters in a variety of colours that I thought would be good, dug out my paper punches and went to work. I started with making tulips since they seemed fairly easy, and they were, then I made a couple of sunflowers, and then finally I made some smaller flowers, they kind of look like forget me nots, but I did them in pink and purple, and later once the light blue paint dries I will make some in blue.

So here is what I have done so far, now allI need is some flower pots to put them in. I also am trying to make a hanging flower basket, i have the moss glued on and waiting for that to dry, I still have to make the chains for that. But I am having fun.

Well I got the basket done as far as the structure goes, all it needs now is some pansies which I am trying to do.

For some reason blogger wont upload my photos, stupid computers. I will try tomorrow

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