Tuesday, 27 November 2012

flower stall complete

I have finished the flower stall completely. i added a few small bags of potting soil and some cans of bug stuff, I also found some magazines and a book on flowers/gardens. So it is all done. I think it looks cute.

So now I am back to making swap minis. I signed up for two swaps. A sewing/quilting swap and a bakery supplies swap. At least I have until the middle of January to get them done by.

I have decided I am going to leave all the stalls so they all have a uniform look to them. I think the natural wood looks the best, The stalls already have such vibrant colours showcased on them, so a natural look looks best.


  1. I can see you are a newbie :) It's a bit discouraging when you first set out trying to attract new followers! Visit my blog, on the side bar is a button that says Jazzi's mini Linky Party. That's a great way to get noticed. You can also click on the label blogging tips, also on my blogs side bar. One of them is how to increase traffic to your blog! Good luck! I love your mini scene.

  2. I love this display! You do amazing work. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog last year. :D

    I will be having a give-a-way soon. Hope you will join in!