Monday, 3 December 2012

my son's minis

As most of you know I have 4 children. Abby is 15, James is 11, Zachary is 7 and our youngest Ethan is 5.
Ethan is not like the other children he drums to his own beat. Loves anything to do with cooking, baking,  and my miniatures. It got so bad that my hubby and I had to buy him his own house and family to live in it. Well that was last Christmas. So over the last year I have made him some furniture from tutorials on the web and little wooden furniture that i found at the dollarstore. This was all fine until he discovered that some of the blogs I read showed pictures of Callico Critters on them. Well that was that, we were on a mission to locate a bunny family that could live in his house. So while we were in Mississaugua for Ethan's yearly appointment for his eyes we went to Toys R Us and purchased his grey bunny family, but they did not have the baby, they only had the family of four (mom, dad, brother, sister bunnies). The good news came when I was in Toronto in October for the dollhouse show, I was able to locate a baby grey bunny complete with walker. So now his family is complete and all is good. He leaves my houses alone and now only raids the draw that houses all of the minis that I have as extras that are not currently being used.

here are his bunnies, when he was playing with them he said they were at bunny church that is why they were sitting so well

And the bunny house

I hope you enjoyed looking through the eyes of my sweet little 5 year old


  1. Very sweet! He's a sensitive soul, like my husband. You've got a really good boy there, and his bunnies are adorable. xo Jennifer

  2. Oh my we are in love with the bunnies so cute. Very well done he has a great imagination and in the world of minis that is a plus. Good going Ethan. Have fun baby.
    Love from your fans from the US,
    Daina & Joe

  3. Awee- I want to come play with Ethan! My daughter has the bunny family- they live in her big house.... and I use the little girl bunny as my profile pic:) So he's got good taste! I'm working on a house right now for the hedgehog family and the mouse family.... becareful! Before you know it... he may need a village:D

    So glad you got your Pappa smurf house:) I love it when someone else loves what I build as much as I do... so thank you!!

    Happy Holidays!