Saturday, 25 May 2013

Floors are in......................

Wow two posts in one day, that usually does not happen. I changed my mind on what I was going to use for the floor. At first I had found a nice tile printable on line that I was going to print and use. But since I really don have the funds for more ink and photo paper for the printer right now, I thought I would take a walk this afternoon to our neighbourhood Dollarama and see if they had any adhesive shelf paper that could be used as flooring. And I found some, it looks like a smokey grey marble. So I bought a roll and I like how it looked, so an hour later the floors were done and installed. So then I decided that I needed to work on the trim around the floors and the door and window, which lead to installing the stairs and window display shelf.

I could not resist playing with some minis I have made and bought and given to the scene to make it look fun and exciting. So then I got mapping out in my head where the shelves were going to go and how big and how many I needed to build. I then realized I had 3 corners that were going to be bare, and since I have a lot of toys already and still have more to make I was trying to think up a way to use up the space. So I found in my stash of stuff I have and found that round ice cream sundae cups will work covered in fabric will make cute display tables and I will add 1/4 circle shelves above them to hold more toys, so that solves that issue.

This blue fabric works best with the wallpaper on the second floor and I am going to use a red fabric for the first floor.

Well I guess that is wear I will leave it for tonight, tomorrow I will finish the second floor trim and work on the three tables and the shelves for above them.

It is starting to look like a toy shop finally.

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