Saturday, 15 June 2013

back to normal

Well we are back from our adventure with Ethan, who had eye surgery and his big birthday party at the Toronto Zoo. As most of you know Ethan is a big fan of Callico Critters, so for his birthday he received some new critters. I found online some patterns to make clothes for the little critters, so while Ethan was recovering from his surgery I made some outfits for his little friends.

Also it is swap day. This month I participated in 3 swaps the themes were pink/purple, baked goods, and bathroom swap. As always they were all beautifully made and each very creative. Swaps are always fun to make and receive. There are some very talented people in the group I am in.

Pink and purple


Baked Goods, these look so yummy.


1 comment:

  1. Love those Calico Critters they are so adorable. You did a great job on their clothes.
    You received some pretty awesome swaps too.

    Mini Hugs,