Saturday, 31 December 2011

new years eve

This is the carebear room in my neice's house (the secret project). So now that the holidays are pretty much over I have been able to work on the candy shop which is together, all I need to do is install the windows and some more trim and shingles on the roof. Inside I have completed the stove, sink, fridge component for the apartment. Since the space is so tiny I  took an old sink and stove and took them apart and remodeled the sink unit to house the stove top and fridge underneath. All that needs to be added is the hardare for the stove and faucet for the sink and handle on fridge.

The last two days I have been working on the candy counter. I spend a huge chunk of time looking up candy wrappers online, resizing them and printing them. I found all kinds, life savers, chocolate bars, nerds, fun dip (do you remember that powder sugar stuff) Yep made it mini!

I Even found a printie to make a popcorn machine and the dollarstore had this foam stuff, so I painted it and chalked some yellow on it and made popcorn. I made small popcorn bags with popcorn all ready to sell too.

I am currently cross stitching a simple carpet to go on the cottage apartment floor, and I need to find some fabric for the bed, and make grandma a small table and chair, she is borrowing Michelle's from the Willow house.

sorry about the glare on the popcorn machine, the lighting in this house sucks.

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