Monday, 18 March 2013

roof almost complete

Well I finally got the roof covered with poster board, now all I need is to get the spray paint and I need a day when it is not going to snow so I can take the willow outside to paint the roof, mother nature keeps snowing with what looks like no end in sight. We already have over 100 centimeters of snow, we don't really need any more, honestly. By the time it finally all melts it will be may, I am not kidding we have too much snow.

Now that march break is over I can get back into minis full time. Last night I had to shorten my son Zachary's pants, he was blessed with my husbands short legs, so I figured since I already had the sewing machine out I would make Olivia a new bed spread for her bed and make some throw pillows for the couch and chair in the willow.

So that is what I got accomplished this weekend, now back to working on swaps.

 see how big this house really is.
 Olivia's butterfly bed
 my new throw pillows, the material is a light yellow background with tiny flowers.

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