Wednesday, 13 March 2013

roofing and new swaps

Remember when I said at the beginning of 2013 I was going to finish some mini projects that needed to be finished. Well I got brave and decided to start tackling the willow's roof. Now if you have seen the Willow it is a large house, so I had a large roof to shingle. I am glad I did not order wooden shingles because I would have been broke, that is some BIG roof to cover. I was doing some reading in blogs and tutorials for roofing on cheap budgets, and I came up with this plan and after 3 days it seems to be working out alright so far. I took poster board and cut it into strips and cut them to look like square shingles and then glued them to the roof with tacky glue (no warping yet) and then once I have the whole roof done I will spray paint the roof with textured black spray paint to help give it an ashphalt look or I hope. I have seen some pictures of this and it looks good, so here's hoping.

Secondly today I received my monthly swap box filled with wonderful treasures made by very talented ladies. This months swaps were Cat Items and Items you would find in a ladies tea room.


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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing how your roof turns out, I love low cost building materials.