Monday, 24 June 2013

Ethan's callico Critters Adventures episode 1

I thought it would be cute to add Ethan's little critter adventures every once in a while to show you what Ethan does with his little guys. This morning's adventure takes place on the John Roswell Hub Trail. This trail runs through our city and basically you can walk the entire  city on these trails. they are beautiful, so full of trees and natural wildlife.

Our Adventure begins when Ethan brought along Penny Guinea Pig and Mr. and Mrs. Koala Bear for a walk along the hubtrail.

As we walked along the trails the critters thought they liked the pretty wild flowers so they picked a few to carry along our journey. They also found a toad sitting on some rocks enjoying the sun.

So after looking at the toad for a minutes we continued along the trail until be came to the first bridge, the critters carefully crossed the bridge and made it happily to the other side.

We then continued along the path until Mr. and Mrs. Koala Bear spotted an interesting looking tree, being Koalas they decided they should scurry up it check it out, Penny Guinea pig thought she should join them so up she scurried.

So after checking out the view from the tree we all walked down to the second bridge. This one is wooden and the critters were not as nervous as they were crossing the first bridge.


At the end of the walk they all sat on a rock and decided that it would be more enjoyable to be carried in Ethan's hoodie pocket back to the van.

The End.

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  1. Ethan you are so adorable. Love those little Critters of yours. Enjoy paying with them in their new home. By the way I also love the colors you picked out for each room. Good job Ethan.