Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ethan's new house

About a month ago my 6 year old came to me and asked if he could have a new dollhouse for his Callico critters. He said there currant house was too small and he wanted a bigger one. So I approached a good friend of ours and asked him if he could build one for us. He said sure, draw me up what you want with measurements and he would build it. So since this was going to be Ethan's house I asked him what he wanted, so he got to work designing his dream house. He is so funny, it is amazing at 6 years old he knew exactly what he wanted. His layout looks like this. Main floor as two room, the second floor has three rooms and the top floor (you all will love this) has one room with a roof top balcony off of it. I asked him where he got that idea from, and he answered "in one of your mini books"!

So yesterday we got the call Ethan had been waiting for. His dollhouse was done and ready to come home. He was so excited, and for the 12 hours he has not stopped playing with, he moved his critters in, and he is happy.

Although the house is not quite finished, we need to paint, wallpaper, add flooring and stuff like that. So on Thursday we will be making a trip to Home Depot and Michaels to get our supplies to start decorating this amazing house that Ethan designed.

This house will become an amazing family treasure for years to come.



  1. I love that he designed it! It looks GREAT!

  2. Such a great imagination Ethan has. What a great job your friend did on Ethan's house.
    Have lots of fun with your new house.

    Mini Hugs,

  3. Oh Wow!!! I have been wanting something like this for years, so Ethan- you are one up on me! I love the imagination of children.. Now that mine are grown I find myself hanging out with the younger ones in the neighborhood so I can pick their minds, lol. And he did such a great job picking out the wallpaper- everything is so happy! And Mom- I think your on to something there with the outfits you made:) looking forward to seeing what you two come up with next- thanks for asking me to look!! I'm glad I didn't miss this!