Sunday, 6 October 2013

blog post day 6

Well it is a rainy day here so the best place to be is in my craft room (that is right ladies I have my own craft room, and I love it.) About a couple of months ago we rearranged the kids rooms and I have Abby's old room as my craft room. So since it was raining here I finished off a little project that I started yesterday. I am a blog follower of a wonderful lady, her blog is called my froggy stuff, she mainly does Barbie size minis, but you can shrink them and turn them into wonderful dollhouse size. Her latest tutorial was to make a flat screen t.v, DVD player with DVD and remote. So I got busy.
Here is Olivia watching the new DVD on the flat screen tv.

After finishing the TV, and since it was still raining I pulled out my sack of printies to see what I had. Well I remembered I had printed of a bunch of pet ones for the pet shop I want to make, so I thought "why not" so I got to work on some of them.


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