Monday, 21 April 2014

Willow House renvation begins

For a while now I have needed to change the willow a little bit. the felt carpets were starting to stretch and get yucky looking so I decided while I was doing the floors in Grandma's cottage I would redo the Nursery and the children's rooms upstairs to the hardwood floor look. I also needed to make doors for the bathroom ad master bedroom. when I built the house I never got around to adding the baseboard trim to the rooms. So last night I decided to start working. Well I am happy to announce that the Nursery has a new floor and most of trim. the master bedroom has a working door and trim. The bathroom also has a working door.

So It is a start, I will work more today while the kids are still home on Easter break. They go back tomorrow.
I think the floor looks 10x better than before.


  1. Looks great. I have some doorways that need doors. Seems hard to do after everything is together.

  2. Looking great Alicia, Have fun renovating the Willow.