Saturday, 5 April 2014

another update

WOW, two updates in one day. I guess  was busy. So I finished the trim on the front of the shop. Now I need some sort of fancy trim for the top of the shop. I also finished the planter I will be making for a up coming swap for one of my swap groups I am involved in. Now I have to make 6 more. And then I added a German Shepherd to the meta tub I bought a while back at Micheals. He will sit in the grooming part of the shop, I used mod podge dimensional magic for the fake water. I love this new product.

the flowers in the planter are a lavender plant in the middle with marigolds around the edge.

my little friend enjoying his bath.

So that was my Saturday. Now to watch some TV and go to bed.


  1. The trim looks really great. I might try that mod podge.

  2. The planter looks awesome. The dog in the tub looks so cute.
    Have to try that dimensional magic,looks like real water.
    Great job as always.

    Hugs to you,