Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

I want to wish everybody a very happy Easter. The Easter bunny arrived here late last night and left a treasure trove of goodies for the 4 children in this house. On to the mini side of things I have been very busy finishing up the swaps that I had signed up for. Well I can tell you this much they are finished. So in between the swaps  I worked on a few minis, some for Easter, others just for fun.

This bunny cake was a video my friend Joanne from Joanne's minis blog did up. I actually made this cake in real life for Ethan's birthday a couple of years ago.

These are two yummy cheese cakes, I wanted to try using the new mod podge dimensional magic to see what would happen to added decorations on top of the cakes. I made an orange cheese cake and a raspberry swirl cheesecake. I like how they came out.

This tiny church is a printable tutorial from Joanne Swanson. She has awesome printies. If you have never checked her out you should, I will warn you her site could become addicting.

So until next time have fun playing ad crafting.

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