Saturday, 16 February 2013

And the birthday continues

Well I have been receiving amazing minis all week, first my birthday swap and then the mailman brought me my regular monthly swaps. This month I participated in 2, a sewing and quilting swap and a bakery supplies swap. And then my good friend in PA send me a gift for my birthday.
So here is what I received
these are the items from the baking swap, there was 14 of us in this swap
 these are the items from the sewing/quilting swap, there was 10 of us in this swap.
These goodies were from my dear friend and her husband in PA.
Here is what I did to the little table my friend gave, she also gave me a package of the little chairs which I will use in my toyshop.
speaking of toy shop, Joanne from Joanne's minis is doing a tutorial series on how to build an inexpensive doll house out of posterboard and wooden pieces. I am going to turn mine into a toy shop, So that is tomorrows job is to go to micheals with my $65 in giftcards from my dad and MIL to pick up supplies need for the big project. Wish me luck it should be fun. If I really like it I will make the rest of the shops out of the same material. Sorry I have no been working on the secret garden lately I need to get the next swap finished and shipped of with the other 2 swaps to help save some money since all of the shipping rates have gone up. The next swaps I have to send in are Cats Swap and ladies tea shop swap, those were fun to make. The newest swap I am in is the Farmers Market. That is the one I need to get finished and I need to get it done by Wednesday. Well that is all for now, I am off to make tons of veggies and farm fresh eggs for the swap.

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  1. Hi Alicia, Nice presents. Great job swappers. Enjoy all your goodies.

    Your friend in PA.