Saturday, 23 February 2013

toy store update

Well today has been very productive. I was able to get the front wall cut out and glued together, it is currently under two heavy books drying. Well that is doing that I traced out the clowns for the outside front of the shop onto scrap pieces of poster board. I was not sure if the paint was going to warp the posterboard, so I did not paint directly on the front of the building like I had originally planned. I will print out paper that looks like slate for the sides and front of the store. The clowns looks so cute, they are large but most toy stores I have seen exaggerate the outside to make it look inviting to children.

I think the name of the store is going to be called "Clowning Around Toy Shop" since I have clowns everywhere.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Alicia, The clowns are so cute very colorful. I also like the name of the toy shop very fitting.
    Have fun with doing all the toys for the shop.

    Your friend from PA.