Monday, 18 February 2013

Toy shop part 1

I know, I know not another project. Since I received so many wonderful miniature toys for my birthday and Joanne from Joanne's Minis was doing a building tutorial series I thought that it would be a great idea to jump on board and make my miniature toy shop. So I took my $65 worth of Michaels Gift cards and purchased the supplies I needed to start this project. It takes very few items to make but a lot of those items. All you need is poster board and strips of basswood, which I now know is going to take a truck load of this stuff I may have to chat with the manager to make sure that they keep a large supply on hand, I bought 10 strips and I used 5 for the floor. I also purchased scrapbook paper that I am going to use on the main floor of the toy shop. It has rainbows on it. The upstairs will have rainbow coloured stripes on it. I wan the toy shop to be bright and cheerful. So here is the floor and a sample of the paper that will go on the wall. The nice thing about this project is Joanne only does her videos on a  weekly basis so in between videos I can work on my swaps and the secret garden. If you want to follow along with this go to facebook or utube and look up Joanne's minis for the instructions and wonderful videos. She has lots of awesome videos.


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