Saturday, 23 February 2013

toy shop toys and side walls

Well here we go, this past week has been crazy to say the least, but yesterday I was able to get a bit done on the toy shop which has become my new favourite project, don't worry I have not forgot about the other projects I just need to get some supplies and order some minis from the dollhouse emporium. So in the mean time I have jumped into building the mini toy shop. Last week I got the floor done for the first floor, last night I got the two side walls done for the main floor. The trick is (and it is not to hard) is to line up the wooden sticks before gluing them down. When Joanne said you need a lot of the basswood strips, she was not kidding, I am not even sure I have enough strips left for the front. Hopefully Michaels got some more in, I bought out there last stash.

I was working on these really cute mini trucks all week as well I made 2 sets of the 4 trucks. I have a fire truck, logging truck, a flat bed truck and a tanker truck. They are super cute. I also made a toy shelf for the shop, I wanted to see the size of it  and roughly figure out how many more I need to make. I think I will leave it the natural wood colour I don't want to take away from the bright colours of the toys. The toys on the bottom of the toy shelf are Squeenkies, they are little rubber toys which I have become addicted to trying to find, they come in all kinds of them, from barbies, Disney, hotwheels, and the regular collection of dolls and little animals. In my travels I so far have found Disneys cars and 2 two pack which contained a little elephant, zebra, doll and polar bear. They usually come in a package of 12.

Here are my latest pictures of my projects


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  1. Hi Alicia, The trucks look so cute, love the colors too. Good job my friend.

    Your friend from PA.