Wednesday, 23 January 2013

having too much fun

Well I now have a new computer, it was an early birthday present from my hubby, see before Christmas my laptop decided it wanted to take a long vacation and never wanted to come back. And since almost everything I do for minis and cubs is on the computer I was using everybody else's to get my stuff done. So when he saw that Future shop was having a sale on computers, he bought me one. And I love it. It came with windows 8, that takes some getting use to if you don't have a cell phone or an Ipod that uses apps. But I am getting the hang of it.

Now on to my favourite part, minis. I am still working on my market, today I made some more sweets for the bake table, I made some cannoli and some cinnamon buns. The cannoli have different flavours of cream inside as well as the come in chocolate and vanilla.

I also made these super cute shopping trolleys. My Dollhouse Miniature Magazine that I get had a tutorial on making them, so I made 3 for my market and I made one for Ethan for his bunnies so he does not kidnap mine.

Ethan's bunny all set to go shopping at the local market

 These cuties are Zach and Ethan in their matching Beaver uniforms. Zach (one missing his front teeth) is a third year beaver and Ethan is a first year beaver.

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  1. Love the boys pictures they are soooooo cute. All the things you made came out awesome. The little cart is adorable. Great job as always. Thanks for sharing.

    Your PA mini friend.