Tuesday, 29 January 2013

special project

While surfing the net I came across what seems to be a popular mini project. My mother in law is a gardener and in her spare time you can usually find her playing amongst her flowers. She even won an award last year for her beautiful garden. When Trevor and I got married we had our wedding pictures taken in her garden. So I thought as a nice tribute to her flower garden and to her passion I would make a garden potting shed inside a plastic watering can. So to start I thought I would make the potting bench that would house the main part of the minis inside the watering can. Oh course I could not have made a simple one, no I had to find one where I had to  make a peg board as the back of the potting bench. I thought if I work on it continuously I could get it done by mothers day. I have looked at many of these watering can scenes and they are all very different, so it should be interesting to see how mine turns out.  The instructions for the potting bench came out of American Miniaturist magazine issue number 41. This is one project I can show since my wonderful mother in law does not read this blog, so the surprise is safe. If I have room in the watering can I may add a much simpler version of this bench so I can have more storage for seedling trays, plants that sort of thing, this one has a basin for dirt so that takes up a huge chunk of counter space.

Now all it needs is some hooks on the pegboard and some minis.


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  1. Hi Alicia, The bench came out so nice. It's going to look amazing. Your Mom in Law is going to love this. What a great idea and done with much love.

    Your mini friend in PA.