Monday, 14 January 2013

mini gifts

Just before Christmas I received a wonderful mini gift from Katie from Katie's Clay Corner. She makes some of the cutest minis out of wood. One day I was browsing her blog and came across some of her birdhouses that she makes. This one day she had just finished some birdhouses with smurfs on them. I love the smurfs, used to have a whole smurf village when I was a kid. So I sent her a message on her blog asking her how I could aquire one. So we exchanged info and then for whatever reason our emails would not work, we tried back and forth for a while and then all of a sudden this tiny parcel arrives in the mail with a wonderful note from Katie. I am in love with my smurf birdhouse, he made me a papa smurf, my favourite character. She also sent 2 small little houses and a tiny wooden sign that says dream on it. Thanks Katie.

As most of you know I am in a miniature swap group, this year I am involved in their yearly swap. The other day I received my first yearly for the month of January. It was a lovely nursery set with a set of curtain and pieces that you could use to hang on the wall or turn into a mobile. Well I turned the hanging pieces into a mobile to hang over baby Emma's crib.

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