Tuesday, 29 January 2013

special project

While surfing the net I came across what seems to be a popular mini project. My mother in law is a gardener and in her spare time you can usually find her playing amongst her flowers. She even won an award last year for her beautiful garden. When Trevor and I got married we had our wedding pictures taken in her garden. So I thought as a nice tribute to her flower garden and to her passion I would make a garden potting shed inside a plastic watering can. So to start I thought I would make the potting bench that would house the main part of the minis inside the watering can. Oh course I could not have made a simple one, no I had to find one where I had to  make a peg board as the back of the potting bench. I thought if I work on it continuously I could get it done by mothers day. I have looked at many of these watering can scenes and they are all very different, so it should be interesting to see how mine turns out.  The instructions for the potting bench came out of American Miniaturist magazine issue number 41. This is one project I can show since my wonderful mother in law does not read this blog, so the surprise is safe. If I have room in the watering can I may add a much simpler version of this bench so I can have more storage for seedling trays, plants that sort of thing, this one has a basin for dirt so that takes up a huge chunk of counter space.

Now all it needs is some hooks on the pegboard and some minis.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

having too much fun

Well I now have a new computer, it was an early birthday present from my hubby, see before Christmas my laptop decided it wanted to take a long vacation and never wanted to come back. And since almost everything I do for minis and cubs is on the computer I was using everybody else's to get my stuff done. So when he saw that Future shop was having a sale on computers, he bought me one. And I love it. It came with windows 8, that takes some getting use to if you don't have a cell phone or an Ipod that uses apps. But I am getting the hang of it.

Now on to my favourite part, minis. I am still working on my market, today I made some more sweets for the bake table, I made some cannoli and some cinnamon buns. The cannoli have different flavours of cream inside as well as the come in chocolate and vanilla.

I also made these super cute shopping trolleys. My Dollhouse Miniature Magazine that I get had a tutorial on making them, so I made 3 for my market and I made one for Ethan for his bunnies so he does not kidnap mine.

Ethan's bunny all set to go shopping at the local market

 These cuties are Zach and Ethan in their matching Beaver uniforms. Zach (one missing his front teeth) is a third year beaver and Ethan is a first year beaver.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

working on the market place

Well today i though tI would work on the market place, I wanted to have a table that sells baked goodies like pies, tarts, small cakes, cookies and canned preserves and such. My friend and I were talking about making checkerboard cookies, so I thought i would give it a try and then I made some fruit tarts in strawberry, blueberry and lemon. The pie and the bundt cake were made by other mini friends and I thought they looked cute. I still have lots to make for the market like more fruit and veggies I have the bread rack almost completed and some bread made, but I need to make more, this is a big project to complete.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Living room complete

Well I have finished the Willow living room, the chair is finished and by the look on Luke he is enjoying his new comfy chair.

 Luke and the kids enjoying their new furniture

I thought I would show you the furry little pets that also reside in the willow. Fudge the Jack Russell Terrier and Miss Kitty

mini gifts

Just before Christmas I received a wonderful mini gift from Katie from Katie's Clay Corner. She makes some of the cutest minis out of wood. One day I was browsing her blog and came across some of her birdhouses that she makes. This one day she had just finished some birdhouses with smurfs on them. I love the smurfs, used to have a whole smurf village when I was a kid. So I sent her a message on her blog asking her how I could aquire one. So we exchanged info and then for whatever reason our emails would not work, we tried back and forth for a while and then all of a sudden this tiny parcel arrives in the mail with a wonderful note from Katie. I am in love with my smurf birdhouse, he made me a papa smurf, my favourite character. She also sent 2 small little houses and a tiny wooden sign that says dream on it. Thanks Katie.

As most of you know I am in a miniature swap group, this year I am involved in their yearly swap. The other day I received my first yearly for the month of January. It was a lovely nursery set with a set of curtain and pieces that you could use to hang on the wall or turn into a mobile. Well I turned the hanging pieces into a mobile to hang over baby Emma's crib.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

back to business

Well now that I have everything back to normal I can get everything updated. My goal this year is to get as many projects complete. This first one I tackeld was the cheese and deli stall for my market place. For Christmas my mother in law bought me a dollhouse miniatures magazine subscription and in the January/February issue there was a tutorial on making different cheeses. So that is what I did. I made 6 different kinds of cheese and then placed them under plastic domes I got from some sqinkies toys I bought a while ago.

 So here are the cheeses trying from the clear nail polish I put on them to look shiny.
And here is the finished cheeses on the counter, the other side will have deli meat. I plan on putting plastic up the sides like the grocery stores have on there deli counter.

Next on my list was to make a new couch and chair for the willow living room. While shopping in Fabricland before christmas I came upon a fabric end of this beautiful royal purple velour for around $3.00.

Here is the couch in the middle of of creation and a picture of the final couch. On to finishing the chair tomorrow.

hurray pictures at last

Well I think I have fixed the computer problem, all I needed to do was upgrade google chrome. Thank goodness. I am back in business. these cute minis are some things I have been working on. The have mini yummy goodies on them.

these are cute minis I made for the cute kitty cat that lives in the willow. It is hard to tell from this picture but the kitty bed is made with purple velour fabric. It is so soft and fluffy.

This is a cute tea tray with a breakfast egg mc muffin with a fruit salad on the side of the plate.

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Years Post

Happy New Year to all of you that follow my blog. I hope you all had a great holiday. I know we did and I will be glad when the kiddies go back to school on monday. Two weeks off is too long for little ones. My daughter had a great time visiting my mom and my sister for Christmas. She got spoiled rotten. I have been busy trying to get swaps done over the holiday. now that they are done and ready to be mailed off I can get back to work on my market place. I have the cheese and deli counter to make as well as a fresh bread counter and a counter that has baked goods llike  pies, cookies, pastries. And I want to finish the Willow, I do not have much work left on it, I just need to get my butt in gear.

I want to make a street of shops but I want to get these two projects done first.

well blogger does not seem to be working well maybe tomorrow I can get pics uploaded.