Friday, 28 February 2014

birthday swap

My birthday swap arrived yesterday afternoon, all I can say is that the ladies in my swap group really out did themselves once again. This swap has to be one of my favourites. We get to pick the themes we want and then we get to make what is on the lists of things the ladies ask for. This year I chose three of the shops I will be working on. I chose petshop, flower shop and sewing/fabric shop. And by the looks of the gifts I received I better start working on the sewing shop.

Here is what I got from my talent group of friends.
Thanks ladies.

From Adrian

from Mel
From Audrey
from Barb M, Ethan must have walked off with the little puppy, when I find him I will post his picture.
From Sheila
from LaGail
from Fern
 From Barb K
Well as you can all see I have lots of wonderful goodies to add to my latest projects.


  1. Happy birthday. Enjoy all of your little goodies!

  2. You got some awesome stuff to get you started on your projects.
    Have fun doing them. Yes, they are great talented ladies.