Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pet shop

Well the pet shop walls are all up and papered. The floor is in. I have put together the counter, which needs a coat of paint and some decoration on the front, I might install a book rack for the mini how to care for animals books. So besides the outside needing to be done ( I have not really figured out the look of yet, I am kind of thinking brick in maybe greys) I am going to concentrate on the little things for the inside. With my birthday being Monday my family bought me some gift cards for Micheals so I purchased some more minis (yes micheals appears to be selling minis). I bought another dog house with puppy and a little bird in a white wire cage and a large wash tub that could be used to bathe a large dog in.

Tonight I am planning on printing a bunch of printables I have saved on the computer and I will take them with me this weekend to camp and work on while my cub pack watches the jungle book and falls asleep. that should keep me busy.

I am still waiting for my birthday swap box to arrive, so as soon as I get that I will post pictures of the wonderful items.

Here is the completed frame of the pet shop

Now that I look at the counter I am going to install magazine racks to hold the little books.
They will be attached to the front and side of the counter.



  1. Hi Alicia, The pet shop is looking great. Yes, I think the racks for the books would be a perfect place for them to hang from.
    Have fun this week end with the cubs.

    Love ya,

  2. Looking good so far! I am curious as to what will happen in that little room!