Monday, 17 February 2014

more minis

On Friday my other swap arrived. It was an Easter swap and a Family fun night swap. As usual the ladies out did themselves once again. I really enjoy participating in the swaps because everyone is unique and you really end up with some amazing minis and some wonderful friendships.

This is the easter swap, the windsock I am going to hang in the corner of Grandmas porch, the colours will look great there.

this is the family fun night swap. The Chinese checkers game is completely playable, the little pins come out and can be moved. That is an awesome piece.

I have also been working hard on my pet shop, the shop now has 4 walls, all I have to do is the back room where the dog grooming stuff will be done. I have to go to micheal's and pick up some more paper for the floor and I need more kitty cat ribbon for the border around the top.

Well that is all for today, back to work on my minis.


1 comment:

  1. Yes, you did get some pretty awesome things on both swaps. The ladies are very talented. Enjoy your new swaps.

    Love ya,