Monday, 3 February 2014

cottage trim and more kits

So today I painted the outside trim daffodil yellow and installed the front door and then I thought I would try putting together the other two chrysnbon kits that Trevor bought for me. I am really enjoying putting these kits together, they go together easily and are fun and easy to do. The two kits I put together were the old stove and the dry sink kit. I started playing with the furniture that will go into the cottage to see what works, and the more I try to figure out what kind of chair for the cottage I am really liking the looks of the 2 wooden chairs that came with the cottage kit. so I am thinking of covering them in a nice material and add some stuffing to the seats and chair backs they will be pretty comfy chairs.

I also dry fitted the roof, I need to paint the underside of the roof lilac for the bedroom.

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  1. This is coming along so nicely! I like the porch and they yellow trim!