Monday, 10 February 2014

cross stitching in miniature

Well blogs ago I showed you some pictures of a carpet I had started cross stitching in miniature. Well this weekend while watching Canada win some Olympic medals I finished the carpet. It's home will be the master bedroom of the willow house in front of the fireplace. Now that this carpet is finished on too carpet number 2, it is a small rectangle one in pinks and lilacs for grandma's cottage bedroom.
I will have pictures of that one soon.

I thought I would add this picture of my new dishes for the willow kitchen. They are white with cherries and gold trim. I have always wanted to order this set, and up until recently it was not available at the dollhouse store I order from. So when I noticed a few months ago that they were carrying these china sets I ordered this one for the willow and a set of blue and white dishes for Grandma's cottage.

1 comment:

  1. Alicia, The carpet came out beautiful, such a great job.
    Did I mention you do have patience my friend.
    The kitchen looks so great. Nice job.

    Enjoy my friend,