Wednesday, 5 February 2014

finishing touches

Well the dollhouse is complete except for the shingles which I will adventually get around too. Some of my friends have asked what does the house look like with furniture in it, so I took the furniture that I made and some other random pieces just to show you what the house set up will look like.

this is the main room, that little round table with the lamp on it I want to replicate it with a table that will match the colour scheme.

Welcome to the tiny, tiny kitchen.
that bare space with be a fabric covered dressing screen.

here is the completed side of the dollhouse the front has the same roof trim which I painted the rest of the trim.



  1. Oh Alicia, the house came out so cute, just love it. The outside colors are perfect. Great job my friend.


  2. Yay! What an adorable little house. How about a nice rocking chair on the homey porch?

  3. thanks for you comments. The porch will actually have a swing hanging from the roof. But I do like the idea of a cute rocking chair.