Sunday, 2 February 2014

dollhouse porch and a kit

So this morning I installed the porch railings and while they were drying I checked my facebook to see what video my friend Joanne had up this morning. To my surprise she is working on a furniture kit that Trevor and purchased for me to in Grandma's cottage.

The kit was called the Chrysnbon oak table with 2 chairs. The table is supposed to expand to be able to add 2 leafs in it, however both of us had a snag and for some reason the pieces in the kit were wrong. Joanne choose to redrill the holes. Mine I decided right from the beginning was not to have the expansion added since there is no space in my cottage for a table that big. I choose the kit for the cute round table. So since she was doing the kit as the weekly video I chose to build the kit. I love it.
I did not add the braces for the chair seat as I want to add cross stitch chair seat covers. I have a few patterns to choose from.


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