Monday, 25 April 2011

Big Things

Well the new house is up, and wallpapered, interior pretty much finished. The wall that has the built in bookcase/fireplace was such a pain to put in the house. It was such a snug fit it did not even need to be glued into place. So now I am onto painting and installing the windows and window casings. I did not realize how big the house really was.I am really falling in love how this house is turning out. On Saturday while I was picking up a few things at the dollarstore I found little wooden dollhouse furniture kits, the ones that  ou punch out and paint then glue them together. I found the nursery and livingroom sets. So that will be the next project after the house is complete. I really like the little nursery pieces wich include a cradle, highchair, rocking horse and a toddler bed. The livingroom set has a couch, 2 chairs, side table and a coffee table.
The large brown objects on the third floor are the two chimneys that attach onto each of the side. Inside the house there is a fireplace and they are not on the same wall, so there are two chimneys.

I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend, I can not wait until tomorrow, thekids go back to school.

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