Wednesday, 27 April 2011

willow house outside

Today I have been working on more of the exterior trim on the willow today The window trims are done to the point of putting up the shutters, which I have yet to punch out and paint them, all 22 of them. Right now I a trying to get the trim put on over the front door. While paint was drying I found a pattern on line for a little wooden doll pram. So out of the left over wood from the dollhouse (when you do not put in stairs you have some large pieces of wood) so I cut out  the pieces and painted them a leaf green, I did change a few things on the pram, I used black coloured Fimo for the wheels, I just have to add a handle and add some fabric for the mattress.

What a cute pram, When I was a baby my mother had a pram for my sister and I and it was a green silvercross pram all the way from England. Actually I still have my English doll pram, it is a chocolate brown colour, so it is only fitting that my dolls should have a doll pram.

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