Saturday, 9 April 2011

April 9, 2011

well the building is coming along nicely, the mainfloor has new wallpaper and tile looking flooring. the shelves are finished(but not installed yet. The brick work on the front stairs and the trim around the bottom of the building is done, and i must say it looks very sharp.

While I was surfing the net for patterns to make the dolls some new clothes, I came across lovely patterns to make dolls and their clothes out of felt. The dolls stand 6 inches tall. they are going to look so cute. And since i hav lots of felt on hand this project is deffinately going to save me some money. I resized the pattern to make smaller dolls and clothes. I will post pictures of these little cuties once completed.

 the new wallpaper, thesmaller room has bunnies on the wall and the otherside has clouds and suns with a blue sky. The floor is light blue tiles.

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