Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday april 4, 2011

Before I begin building my house I am going to remodel my daughter's 4 room dollhouse. I am going to take this house and turn it into a preschool building. I am currently working towards finishing my Early Childhood Education at  a local college and one day hope to work in a daycare setting or a kindergarten class alongside the teacher. Anyway, since my daughter's house is in desparate need of some TLC I am going to make some changes to her house, since she has lost complete interest in it.

Right now I am going to work on the toy shelves for one of the playrooms, they are going to be long rectangular shelves so they can be mounted along the walls.

I have found some great cheery wallpaper for the walls, which I think the children will love. I need to find my camera so I can get some pictures on here for all to see.

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