Monday, 4 April 2011

my creations

I could not find my camera, so I had my daughter show me how to use the webcam that is built into my laptop. So here they are:

the picture of the house is in its remodel stage(gutting stage) i am turning the house into a daycare centre that I am affectionately calling SunnyVille Child Care Centre. The rooms will be as follows First Floor: Room with big window will be an office and room to put the "cubbies" to hang jackets, store back packs, etc. it will also house a desk and file cabinet and such. Room with door will be a preschool playroom, Second floor: room with green walls will be toddler play room and the pink room will be a sleep room with five small cots and a bean bag chair for the daycare staff to sit and watch over the sleeping angels.

the picture of the two yellow shelves are for toy storage in the first floor playroom, I need to make some smaller ones for the second floor playroom,

the picture of the minis are things I have made over the last few weeks. I used Fimo to make some of the toys and food. Most of the food ideas came from Cafe World on Facebook.

I love how the miniature puppet theatre turned out. I even made some puppets for it as well, two are in the picture. Also the Mr. Potatohead turned out really cute.
 here is the house in the middle of the gutting stage

some of my mini creations., sorry they are a little bit blurry, I need to find my camera.most of these will end up in my Princess Anne dollhouse, the toys will go in the child care centre. talk to you tomorrow.

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